Brussels fire department recruits 2013 - 2014Video with an impression of the last week of training for the recruits from the Brussels fire department.
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Created 4-Feb-14

Pictures of a whole day of Compartment Fire Behavior Training at the Pivo in Belgium. Beginning with the basis cold nozzle training, the door procedure,... And ending with two live fire trainings in two attack cell containers.
Firefighters SCBA maskA 45 hoseAfter a burn.Firefghter with his 45mm hoseline.Three manifold.Firefighter and his gunTraining nozzle techniquesSecuring safe entryThe Door...Ready for a shower?Firefighters chit chatShower time!Cooling above.Cooling inside the compartmentCooling cone above.Firefighter soaked.Firefighters stand by on trainingNozzle skills for a firefighter.