Here it is! The Belgian CFBT instructor patch.

December 01, 2014  •  2 Comments

CFBT-BE patch for instructorsCFBT-BE patch for instructorsThis is the patch available for Belgian CFBT-BE instructors and / or everybody who followed a CFBT-BE training (ex Int. 3D FireFighting course).
You can place your order, but CFBT-BE will have to approve your order before you get payment instructions. You will receive further instructions once you placed your order.

Karel LambertKarel LambertKarel Lambert telling a story vividly about a big fire.

Since a few years there is a quite intensive and successful Compartment Fire Behavior Training program in Belgium. The aim of the program is to offer strategy and tactics for safer interior firefighting in modern buildings. For Belgium the man behind the scenes is Karel Lambert with CFBT-BE. He has quite an impressive website with lots of information, articles,... In short, plenty of reading for quite some evenings.

CFBT-BE is part of a larger community. Around the world you can find CFBT programs and organizations. As an example: the patch is based on a picture taken from John McDonough. He is demonstrating a gas cooling technique  during an international CFBT training in Belgium organized by CFBT-BE. John is a internationally recognized trainer for Compartment Fire Behavior Trainings.
Luc Van Ussel, a firefighter from the Brussel fire department designed the patch. He mirrored the picture from John (see below) to have the result above.

To offer a reward and recognition to all those who are working as an instructor within the CFBT-BE  program or those who followed a CFBT-BE training (International 3D Firefighting,...) CFBT-BE had a patch designed. 

The patch cost is 5 euro's including delivery by mail. To apply for and order a patch you should go to this page. You can order your patch, but before you will get instructions for payment CFBT-BE will have to approve your order. You will then receive further instructions.

John McDonoughJohn McDonoughJohn McDonough demonstrating a gas cooling pulse. A technique used to cool down gasses when you enter into a construction filled with smoke. By doing this you might be able to control the situation depending on the situation and your techniques.


Pieter Maes
Since you are the Master-Jedi-Instructor you get one. But... It is waiting at our place in Belgium and is only is received after joining in for a dinner night.

John McDonough(non-registered)
Do I get a free one? :)
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